What Is In Your Computer?

By Georgia Dash

Components in a computer

A lot of things go into computers but there are some main components. A few are:

  • The Mother Board
  • CPU
  • The Drives; Disc Drive and Hard Drive

The Motherboard

The Motherboard is a printed circuit board that all the other components of the computer have to fit/plug into. The Motherboard can also be called a System Board or Logic Board. The Mother board is thought of as the back-bone of a computer as everything is connected to it either directly of by a cable.


This stands for: Computer Processing Unit.

This is often referred to as the processor and contains a vitale component : the microprocessor this is the heart of the computers operations. The performance of both hardware and software rely on the processor.

The pictures

(below) Microprocessor

(right) CPU

The Disc Drive and Hard Drives

The disc drive is a deveice which reads discs like CDs or DVDs or Floppy Discs.

The Hard Drive is the main storage device anhd perminantly stores all the data in the computer.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is the most well known and common form of computer memory. Many applications are stored in RAM


ROM is short for Read Only Memory and it keeps its contents regardless if it has power or not.