August 26th Updates

Good afternoon North Crawford Students and Families,

I will be sharing numerous updates, videos and other information in this document so please go through all of the information that pertains to your son or daughter. We appreciate the patience that families have had because this has been an incredible puzzle to piece together and your understanding during a very challenging summer is appreciated. We want this to be an amazing school year for your children and our staff has been working extremely hard to make that a reality. We value our community of parents, guardians and students and we are investing a lot of time, effort and brain power to keep families safe and provide them with a quality educational experience in the 2020-2021 school year. WE ARE TROJANS! WE ARE NORTH CRAWFORD STRONG!


Toby Tripalin

MS/HS Principal

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR



6-12 Teacher Introductions and class information- Document link


If you are still needing to register your son or daughter for school this year, please click on the document found at the bottom of the newsletter and follow the instructions provided.


Schedules will be available for students and families to view through skyward after today. We will also be providing students with a paper copy of their schedule on the first day of school. If you need to reset your skyward password please contact Lori Foley in the MS/HS office.

Lori Foley, 1-608-735-4311


Our new school nurse John Powell has written an introductory letter telling families about some policies and procedures specific to his position and it is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the things that will be happening this year in regards to mitigation efforts of the COVID-19 virus and also general health processes.

School nurse letter.


Below are a couple of videos describing what students can expect when they are in the building this year and the other video will hopefully help clarify what it will look like when students are at home virtually. This is an ever changing situation and we are basing our decisions on the recommendations of the DHS, DPI and our County Health Department. I'm not saying that my acting in the video about procedures is great but the performances of the other staff members that helped me out are outstanding!

1. Procedures while students are in the building from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. video

2. What does the process look like when students are at home learning virtually. video


1. Middle School students will head down to the middle school wing when they arrive at school on the first day. Their homeroom teachers will be posted on the front entrance, in skyward and in the middle school wing. They will retrieve their schedule from their homeroom teacher and proceed to their locker and then to their first class on their schedule.

2. High School students will be given their schedules upon arrival in the front of the school and then they should head to their locker and then to their first class of the day. We want to minimize as much as we can any gathering of students in the hallways or common areas.

3. All students will receive their Chromebooks on the first day and will also see a short presentation from our school nurse.


The virtual Q&A session will be on Thursday, August 27th from 6:00-7:00. I wanted to provide an opportunity for families to reach out with additional questions that they have during this virtual meeting. Please feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions that you have before or after the meeting. Zoom Link


Listed below is important information for our full virtual families. Please be aware that you are able to take electives in core subject areas as well. If a student wants to double up in a subject they are still able to do so with department approval. If you need to make schedule changes in the next two weeks please contact Liz Bransky @ or Rob Sailer @

Parent and Student Responsibilities: Here are links to the Parent and Student Responsibility information sheets.

Parent Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

Scheduling Survey: If you haven't filled out the scheduling survey please click on the link below to provide us with contact information and to schedule your classes.

Scheduling Survey

Device Pick-Up and Signatures: Devices can be picked up on Monday, August 31st from 8:00-3:45 or 6:00-7:00 p.m. You will also need to sign the Acceptable Use Policy, Student Contract and will be given any handbooks at this time.

Next Steps E-Mail: All virtual students will be receiving an email by Monday @ noon in regards to your log-in information, proposed schedule and some tutorials on how to use the APEX program.

Family and Student Zoom Meeting: There will be a family and student Zoom meeting on Monday, August 31st @ 7:30 p.m. All students and families should be in attendance. Mr. Sailer and Mrs. Bransky will talk about the specifics of the program, expectations, etc. Here is the link to that meeting:

Full Virtual School Zoom Meeting Link

Counselor Follow-Up: High school students will be contacted by our school counselor Mrs. Colsch within the first few weeks of the program to ensure that you are taking all of the necessary classes to stay on track for graduation. Schedule changes can be made up until 9/18/20.

Questions and concerns: If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Sailer or Mrs. Bransky.

Mr. Sailer:

Mrs. Bransky: