Spotted One

By: Lann Klase

Do you really know Cheetahs?

Have you ever wondered how a cheetahs life is. If you have then this is the article you will want to read. Do some people say something about cheetahs but you think something else. Well if so read this article and you will figure out if it is true or not.


Cheetahs live in South Africa,Asia, and Sub- Saharan. In South Africa it can be dry or wet. Cheetahs usually live up in trees. They like to live in trees because if it is really hot there is that shade. Cheetahs do not live with other cheetahs they are like a lone wolf they always stay by there self.
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It's meat time!!!

Cheetahs eats gazelles,wildebeest,impalas, and most animals smaller than its self. When it's food is walking by they will hide in high grass and when the time is right they will pounce on them and kill them by biting their neck. But there is only 1-10 chance of them killing it.
110km/h Cheetah attack gazelle
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Speed is the key.

Cheetahs can run up to amazingly 68-75 mph. They are also known as being the fastest land animal in the world. Cheetahs can run 45 mph in just 2.5 seconds. THAT IS REALLY FAST. Watch the video below to see the cheetah compared to other really fast animals. But as you all should know the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. You will be surprised about how fast these animals are.
Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World: Fastest Runners in the Animal Kingdom - FreeSchool
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Cheetahs Preys are Lions, and Baboons. That is also another reason why they hide in the tall grass is because when their prey walks by they can wait until they are past then they can run away. That is another reason why sped is a good thing. If a cheetah is in danger most of the time it will use its speed to get away. Or sometimes it will fight but that is not a good idea against lions because it will get killed, we do not want that because people already hunt them for there fur so they are already in danger.

Want to know more?

Cheetahs are an endangered species right know because people kill them for the skin. The Cubs stay home and the mom teaches them how to hunt while the dad is out hunting. Cheetahs are mammals. The cheetah is apart of the big Cat family. Cheetahs have 2000 - 3000 spots all around there body. A baby cheetah is called a Cub. When they hunt they bite there neck to kill them. When they kill their food they have to hurry up and take it up in a tree and eat, or just eat it there. They need to do that because another animal will come up and fight for the food because they have a family to provide for to. Cheetahs in zoos can live up to 17 years old. But if they live in the wild the average dies at 8-12 from a animal killing it or just dieing from hunger. Last but not least the most uncommon fact that any body knows...... A cheetah is a animal.


Thank you for reading I hoped you enjoyed it!!!!! Wait... Wait one more thing, always remember that cheetahs will always be with you. As long as you help people stop killing them!!! Also they can be the cutest animal alive. If you do not believe me look at the picture below.
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