Family Traditions

Christmas Time

What do we do?

On Christmas, we have a traditional Christmas dinner & lots of pie. After, someone, usually my uncle, takes the litter kids out to look at Christmas lights around the town while everyone else at home puts all the presents under the tree. After we un-wrap all out presents, we play a game together like Mario or Rock Band.
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What I like about it

I like that this tradition gives us plenty of family time together. We have a lot of extended family so this gives us lots of time to catch up with each other & enjoy the happy atmosphere.

What I want to continue this tradition?

Yes! I love this tradition. It's the only time all my family from my mom's side sit down together, talk, enjoy themselves. We put all our problems aside & enjoy each others company, even though its only for a little bit. A lot of our small problems are forgotten about after we leave.