Wildcat Weekly

February 22 - February 26

Wildcat Mountain Elementary

Our commitment is to make decisions that consider the student first. Through focused academics, a commitment to character, a positive environment, and a partnership with our community, we direct our attention on educating the whole child.

This week at Wildcat...

Monday, February 22

GT Identification Meetings

4:15 Innovative Learning Spaces for Mobiles - 3-5 teachers

Tuesday, February 23

8am BLT Meeting

Wednesday, February 24

8am - Staff Meeting - Assessment

Thursday, February 25

4 School Accountability Committee Meeting

6:30 - 8:30 Battle of the Books

Friday, February 26

Morning treats provided by 5th grade

4 - 5pm Publish classroom Sign-Up Genius for spring conferences

6 - 9pm Father / Daughter Dance

Upcoming Events

March 5 - Apple Awards

March 15 - Conferences (evening starting at 4:10, last conference ending by 7:30pm)

March 17 - Conferences (all day and evening, last conference ending by 6pm)

March 18 - Compensation Day for August 5

March 21 - 25 Spring Break

March 30 - Class Pictures

April 5 - 19 - PARCC Testing

April 22 - No School

April 28 - Choir Performances

End Of Year CITE

March 18 - All evidence needs to be uploaded into CITE

  • IF you have a GVC Map for the year completed with aligned units (live linked), please upload for evidence of Standard 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4.
    • If you've already received ratings for this, you're done with this step.
    • If you won't have a completed map for this year, you do not need to upload it.
  • Please select ONE unit plan that you have collaborated on that is a great reflection of Standards 1 and 2. Your team is welcome to choose the same plan or you may upload an individual favorite. Please make sure to "share" the plan with us (Teresa, Molly) and any coordinating links as well that are embedded in your plan.

April 8 - End-of-Year Self Assessment Due

May 1 - Certified Evaluations due

End of Year Assessment Dates

April 15 - All CITE 6 Data due

April 18 - 22 STAR Interim for Read Plan

May 2 - 13

  • STAR Reading
  • STAR Math
  • Writing Sample w/ cold prompt


To prepare parents for what you will be reporting out on at the end of the semester EPR, please communicate the World Class Outcomes, 4Cs, 21st Century Skills and content you are teaching through your emails, social media etc.

If you have a sub, please ask them to familiarize themselves with the SRP folder in your room. If you have students who would have special needs during a drill or real event, please include that in your sub plans.

Create Something Great

The Create Something Great 2016 Think Tank is scheduled for the week of June 6 through June 9th at Mountain Vista High School and Mountain Ridge Middle School. Created by teachers, for teachers, the Think Tank allows DCSD teachers to share ideas, collaborate and network with colleagues from across the country.

More information and schedule.

PTO Mother / Son Event


February 19th


Movie Trailor

Father / Daughter Dance

Theme - Western

February 26th

6 - 9pm


Please proof your yearbook pictures and return them to Jory Hastings by February 29th.

Visit Your WME Friends and Neighbors

You are invited to visit other classrooms to see all of the cool stuff going on at WME. Please fill out the form Classroom Visits at WME to request a visit.


April 5 - 7 PARCC ELA

April 11- 14 PARCC Math

April 18 - 19 CMAS Science

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Student Leadership Teams

DCSD Assessment Policy

Please read the updated assessment policy for Mandatory State Testing. This outlines how DCSD will handle Mandatory State Testing such as CogAT, ACCESS, PARCC, and CMAS.

Staff Meeting Notes

Click here for notes on Weekly Staff Meetings