Central Europe

Czech Republic

Population-1.3 M


Velvet Revolution-A non-violent transition of power in what was then Czechoslovakia.

Bohemia-It is located in the contemporary Czech Republicwith its capital in Prague.

Morvia-a historical country in Central Europe

The Country Faces- Econimic transformation

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- Independent in 1993

- It has 5 million people

- They once had communism as their government and underneath communism they had collective farming

- Collective farming is when workers were paid by the government and shared the profits

- Challenges: Struggled to have a good economy since Communism

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Communist until 1990


Breadbasket because of fertile soil

Hard to go from communism to capitolism

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23 million people

Leader led the county into economic chaos

little electricity only 2 hours of tv a night

soft drink company spent money to open a business

added many jobs

economy is still struggling

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The garden of eastern Europe

communism and democracy

challenge is moving away from communism

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3.5 million people

europes hermit

very poor because it turned away from china and the soviet union

when communism ended they got billions of dollars from other countries

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land of the southern sloves

when communism ended they had alot of fighting

country broke apart because of money and ethnic problems

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serbia and montego

mountains and fertile plains

high in unemployment and little money because of war

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5 million people

language and religion caused conflict between croats and serbs

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2 million people

solid industial base

helped recover from problems

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bonsnia and herzegovina


war when communism ended

iron ore and coal

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issues with ethnic cultural identity
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