Staff Weekly

Published June 1, 2020

Enjoy Summer!!!

There's really not anything that I will send out in June that will be pressing information so if you need to pack up your computer for a month, you most certainly can. I'll send out invites to interviews and PD opportunities and random things but if your brain needs a complete rest, give in to that urge.

If you can check in on Mondays, that would be great...but there's no requirement.

Welcome New Staff!

Henry Hernidon, evening custodian

Chris Jahn, 8th grade math teacher (including geometry and algebra)

Lauren Smith Clark, 7th grade social studies teacher

Kiki Puckett, art teacher

Jake Novak, special education teacher

Melissa Willman, instructional technology coordinator

TBD, special education teacher

Butch Hamm will be subbing for both Tia and Nikki during their maternity leaves this fall. Butch was a teacher and media specialist at Ryle and an instructional coach at both Cooper and Ryle.

Megan is not leaving. She is moving to 7th grade math in Miranda's spot.

Time to Rethink Fall

KDE has released some guidelines about returning to school in the fall. The MOST important thing we could do at this point would be to survey staff, students, and parents before putting together our "return plan".

Please take some time to reflect and respond HERE.

Interviews Update

ITA Interview Monday at 10:30am

Sped Interview Tuesday at 11am

Invites are sent to SBDM and teams prior to interviews.

Professional Development Opportunitites

NKCES has a great site for online PD.

Teaching Tolerance would be a great place to learn more about racism and tolerance.

If you would like replays of Teach Your Heart Out, please fill out the form here.

If you'd like to participate in a summer book study, please fill out the form here.

The Writing Revolution Book Study through NKCES will happen later in the summer. We will pay for you to attend if you'd like to attend. More info to come.

Would anyone like to be our IC Teacher trainer?

Bally Staff Site 20-21

I've started to convert our internal staff site to the 20-21 school year. I've gotten a start on the Opening Day page, but it's not nearly finished. You're welcome to check it out and complete tasks at your leisure this summer.

Room Close Out

If your room is not closed out, please notify James or I this week and let us know when you'll be completed. End of May was our goal. If you need another week, let us know so we can adjust building cleaning as necessary.

Building Usage/Space

James is charged with assigning building space for the upcoming year. He's working on making UA space and sped space usage equitable.

CHANGE: The entire 7th grade will move downstairs. The entire 8th grade will move upstairs. This is a change from the original plan and addresses some of the concerns that you had about stairway transitions, bathroom usage, etc. Exact room assignments will be communicated after the building is fully cleaned.

Clubs for 20-21

I need to do clubs differently next year because I created a hot mess last year. In general, here's the parameters for clubs:

1. If you want to sponsor a club, the SBDM can pay for your sponsor fee. You need to be hired for this position through the district. The pay is approximately $250. The commitment is that you need to be CPR certified (I'd really prefer this not happen during a normal school day because if so I have to pay $130 for a sub) and agree to meet with your club at least monthly.

2. If you KNOW you have a club you want to sponsor, please let me know. Once I have the full list, we'll determine which ones SBDM is committing to for the upcoming year.

Thank you to everyone who hosted clubs last year. The kids love staying after school for fun.