Madam C.J. Walker (Sarah Breedlove)

Dec. 23, 1867, Delta Louisiana-May 25, 1919, Hudson, NY

Contributions/Importance to The Harlem Renaissance, Details

  • The Walker building erected in 1927, it became a cultural beacon of african Americans Indianapolis. In the building there is a casino, beauty shop, drugstore, coffee shop, and business offices. the building also hosted films, music, and vaudeville shows.
  • Substantial sums to promote black education, for black women.
  • After suffering a scalp ailment that in her hair loss, the invented hair care products in African American communities. She trained women to establish their own business to sell her hair products and other cosmetics.
  • Due to her wealth of the first self-made millionaire, she gave 2/3 of estate to charitable and educational institutions.

Deeper Thinking

Madame C.J. Walker has affected her community and the world in a big way. As the first black woman entrepreneur she helped create businesses for the places she lived in by training other women to create their own business.

If Madam C.J. Walker was never born or did not make the choices she had made to become successful , somethings would be different or possibly not exist. Businesses and types of schools would have never came to be, by her. Hair products could have been created by someone else than Walker, and would of been created later in the years close to the 21st century.

This person affected me in educational ways, where black females would have an education with other races or with each other in a school Walker helped create for them.She has also affected me by having healthier hair with the hair products the invented.


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Black History Month Madam CJ Walker The First American Female Self Made Millionaire