Ice Caves, Iceland

By:Craig H

About the Location of the Caves

They are located in Skaftafell, Iceland in Vatnajokull National park it attracts many tourists and photographers. The caves are found in a glacier lagoon. The caves are filled with light and overwhelm with their beauty frozen in time.

Plant and Animal life

Common plants near the ice caves are heather,crowberry, bog whortleberry, bearberry, willow,and dwarf birch. There are animals near the ice caves and they are eider ducks, swans, rare falcons, ptarmigan, artic tern, foxes, reindeer, mink, brown rats, black rats, field mice, and house mice.
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How Were They Formed?

They were formed from century old ice from the slopes of Oraefajokull, and it turned into highly pressured glacier ice having about no air bubbles,the ice caves are nearly transparent.
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