Ketamine is BBAADD!!

By Dirk and Jerk

What is Ketamine used for?

Ketamine is used in medical and dental procedures to make the patient lose consciousness so the patient isn't in pain. But people started using it as a "date rape" drug and for other uses.
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Other names for Ketamine

Street names

Some street names for ketamine is Special K, K, Super C, Cat Valium, Super Acid, and Green

Medical names for Ketamine

Some medical names for ketamine include Ketaset, Ketalar, Ketalar SV

Reasons why you shouldn't use Ketamine

Ketamine gives you a fake sense of discovering you're not happy but you feel like you're on the verge of being happy so you keep taking it because you think you will find happiness. This is a big lie, Ketamine actually after used a few times erases memory and the user developes short term memory loss. Which also makes you keep using it because you remember the past uses where you felt happy but you cant remember the recent uses so it fools you into keeping you using it.