fresh, health and love


Time : Monday, March 21,2016

Location : Concourse, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON

Purpose : donating funds we receive to a local charity.

Fees :

1. buy raw materials for bakery

1. utilities cost for napkins, cupcake liners, water bottles, neat packaging and so on.

2. probably we need to hire a chef and we should pay him/her one-day salary.

Attendees need to know:

Felix: make sure we have enough supplies for the booth.

Abdul: get our event approved by the school committee.

make posters and a Facebook Event page to advertise our event.

Chloe: find a suitable local charity which will receive our funds.

make a beautiful box where people can put tips if they wish.

Hongli: communicate with Felix to make sure all supplies are fresh and ready

determine how many baked goods are required based on Facebook event page

Samantha: make labelling clear that all ingredients used in the baked goods are healthy


Basically, we will make a booth which sells baked goods to students and donate funds we receive to a local charity in order to help other people.

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