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Have you ever suspected that your students might not be actually hanging on every word of your instructional video?

Hanging on every word might be mission impossible, but they should at least listen to most of them! Edpuzzle is an amazing teaching tool that allows you to add interactive content into pre-existing videos from a variety of popular sources, such as YouTube, Khan Academy, and more. Of course, you can also use videos that you have recorded and uploaded to your youtube channel. This interactive content will require your students to watch, and more importantly, actually listen to your videos.

Most videos from popular sources already have interactive content made available to you by other teachers. Interactive content comes in the form of embedded notes and questions that you can add anywhere in the video. The students must respond before continuing the video. You can use other teachers' edited versions in your classroom, change it up just a little (or a lot) by editing their versions to make them your own, or create your own questions from scratch.

Please do not limit Edpuzzle to remote instruction use. Use it in your regular classroom, as makeup work for students who are absent, for substitute plans when you are out, and/or to flip your many options!

And just when you think that it couldn't get any better...Edpuzzle grades student responses for you. Your video can be the lesson! You can also sync Edpuzzle with Google Classroom (or create your class/classes directly in Edpuzzle) to get all kinds of data on the videos watched by your students. If you question whether your students are even watching your videos, wonder no more! Be sure to see a sample from one of my classes below.

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We went PRO!

Edpuzzle is always free for all teachers. However, the basic account has a limit of 20 stored videos. Pro accounts offer teachers unlimited storage options. To make sure you sign in under our SRISD pro account, make sure that you select one of our two campus schools when you create your account using your school email account-

Sam Rayburn Elementary or

Rayburn High School

If you accidentally joined Sam Rayburn High School, let me know and I can have them change your school. You will not lose any of your videos that you have already stored.

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Want to get started today?

Edpuzzle has an easy to use help center that walks you through the entire process! Click here to get started.
Let me know if you would like for me to help you get started ASAP! We can meet to set up your classes, create your first video, and/or even team to model your first video to your class.