Varicella Zoster Vaccine

a.k.a Chickenpox Vaccine

Why the Vaccine Should be Required in Schools

The chicken pox is a very uncomfortable and contagious disease that many people would rather not have to begin with. When the U.S. started using the vaccine in 1995, the death and amount of people that caught it went down 84%. With that said, why shouldn't it be required at the safety of kids everywhere to take a vaccine for this disease? It can't hurt to be protected from something that can be prevented in the first place. How would you like it if the students at your child's school weren't vaccinated and one of them caught the virus? You wouldn't because eventually your child would end up sick. With the cure for the virus literally at your local doctor's office, do your child a favor and get them vaccinated. Promote vaccinations throughout your communtiy and raise awareness that schools should require the vaccination of Varicella Zoster. Remember, it can only help.