Spiny Dogfish Shark

Katelyn Broussard


First Dorsal Fin

Second Dorsal Fin

Caudal Fin

Pelvic Fin

Gill Slits



Pectoral Fin

Lateral Line

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spiny dogfish shark organs

  • Liver -

largest organ Iying within the body cavity. Its two main lobes, the right and left lobes, extend from the pectoral girdle posteriorly most of the length of the cavity.

  • Heart- has two halves- atrium and ventricles; it is a specialized muscle

  • Kidney- extracts urea from urine and returns the urea to the blood.

  • Gall bladder - A third lobe much shorter lobe is located medially and contains the green gall bladder along its right edge.

  • Pancreas-

located on the duodenum and the lower stomach. The secretions of the pancreas enter the duodenum by the way of the pancreatic tube.

  • Small intestine- digest food and absorbs nutrients

  • Large intestine- completes the digestion process

  • Stomach-

Starts at the cardiac region, continues as the main body, and ends at the duodenal end.

  • Esophagus-

muscular tube extending from the top of the mouth connecting the oral cavity and pharynx with the stomach.

  • Rectum- functions in the storage of solid waste

  • Claspers- a finger-like projection that assist in sperm transfer during mating; males only

  • Lateral line- pale line beginning at the pectoral fins and ending at the pelvic fins; small openings that open into the underlying lateral line canal, a sensory organ that detects water movement

  • Gills- allow water to exit after passing over the gills; they have 5


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Chondricthyes

Order: Squaliforms

Family: Squalidae

Genus: Squalus

Species: Acanthais

Life Span

Spiny dogfish shark lives from an average of 30 to 100 years.


Spiny Dogfish Shark are typically found in the Black Sea.

Also found in these other waters across the world.

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