GHV Coaches Corner

September 2022


Kerry Neuberger, English 12

In May 2022, Kerry Neuberger took the GHV Coaching Cycle course for graduate credit. Together, Kerry and the instructional coach created a mystery unit for seniors in English 12. Students had to identify small details, make connections to inferences and synthesize the clues and/or information.
KNeuberger: Murder On theOrient Express Coaching Cycle


Within all that we are doing with PLT and Essential Standards, that work can also be documented in your Professional Growth Plan. Reminder, all teachers will complete a Professional Growth Plan regardless of the evaluation year.

The instructional coaches are here to think it through with you - give us a shout!


We all know that building relationships is the foundation upon which good classroom management is built. Relationships take time and will be something you continue throughout the school year. In the process, here are some reflective questions to ensure progress is being made in the right direction.

  • What expectations and routines do you establish for student behavior?
  • How quickly do you get students settled and working at the beginning of class?
  • How do you make sure students in class are busy learning and not wasting time?
  • How long before the end of class do you start to wind down the work?
  • Did your optimistic closure provide an opportunity to reflect on the lesson?
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