Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying

What are we doing about it?

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs through electronic technology. It can take place through text messages, emails, or posts of messages, photos, or videos on social media sites. Some examples include: posting mean comments or embarrassing photos, making threats, or excluding someone from online groups or other communications. ---source EDC
Cyber Bullying Movie

Stop and Ask Yourself:

  • Have I ever experienced cyber bullying?
  • Has someone ever bullied me?
  • Have I ever bullied someone?

If the answer is YES, did you think it was just "joking" or "kidding?"

What Can We Do to Feel Safe Online?

Think, Pair, Share

With your partner, think about ways you can be safe when you're online. Write down 3-5 ideas.

Be prepared to share out your ideas with the class.

Anti-Bullying Campaign

With your partner, brainstorm ways to come up with an "anti-bullying" campaign in your school.

  1. Begin by creating a survey using Google Form in order to interview students
  2. Use the information from your survey to create a poster that includes: a title, at least one image/graphic, the problem, and a possible solution
  3. Using the same information, create an online project using Glogster