Instructional Coaching Newsletter

Leah Cogswell - Volume 1, Issue 2

Introductions, Procedures & Expectations... Oh My!

It has been wonderful to get into classrooms over the last few days. At this point, I have been to about 95% of classrooms. If I have not seen you in action yet, I am still trying to get to some of the teachers who are only in the building part of the day. Never fear! I am still making the rounds.

Thank you for graciously letting me sit in on your lessons and activities! It has been exciting to see the wide variety of getting-to-know-you activities and exciting strategies different teachers use to get to introduce classroom procedures and expectations.

I have also begun meeting with teachers individually to discuss everything from lesson planning to looking at student data. Please reach out if there is anything I can do to support your classroom over the next several weeks!

Giving Good Directions - Classroom Management 101

It isn't enough for us to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to master our content, we also have be clear about our expectations about how students should go about doing an assignment or activity. Too often, directions we give to students lack clarity and result in misunderstandings and off-task behavior.

Important steps for giving good instructions:

  1. Internalize your plan
  2. Ensure you have every student's full attention before and while you give directions
  3. Communicate the activities connection to the objective/indicator/I can statement
  4. Emphasize key parts of the instructions
  5. Address potential confusion
  6. Communicate and enforce specific time periods for each task
  7. Use age-appropriate language and directions
  8. Find the right balance between 'too much' and 'not enough information'
  9. Check that students understand the directions

These steps were taken (and adapted) from the Teaching as Leadership rubric

How to give unforgettable directions:

Three ways to give student directions:

Excellent Teaching Shoutouts to...

Do you have an amazing activity I should see?

If you have an exciting activity coming up or a lesson that is Quad D, I'd love to feature you in my next newsletter! Please let me know and I will be sure to come by your classroom.

So much MAP data; so little time!

Laptops are being deployed and we know that fall MAP tests are also just around the corner (if you haven't taken them already). Once all the data begins to arrive at your fingertips, it can be daunting to filter through the massive amounts of data and even more overwhelming to determine how to use it to drive your instruction.

Never fear! This is a perfect way for me to collaborate either with individual teachers or with PLCs.

If you are looking for a way to use the coming MAP data to drive your instruction, please let me know and we will schedule an opportunity to review and analyze your data.

Coaching Connections

Let me know if I can help you with...

  • Unit planning
  • Lesson planning
  • Addressing rigor & relevance
  • Data analysis
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Professional learning goals

The options and opportunities are endless!