Ali Conte

Materials Used

Raw Materials:

  • The plastic blanks received from optical laboratories are round pieces of plastic such as polycarbonate

  • Adhesive tape

  • A liquid with a lead alloy base

  • Metal

  • Dyes and tint


  • Plastic case

Product Use

Eyeglasses are frames holding lenses worn in front of the eyes used for vision correction. Corrective lenses are used to correct refractive errors by bending the light entering the eye in order to alleviate the effects of conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.


Eyeglass frames can be reused once you change the lenses out.

While plastic eyeglass cases can often be recycled, they can also serve multiple other purposes. The cases can be used for storage, or they can even be used to make a miniature garden.

In some areas there are boxes where people can donate their old eyeglasses as a way to efficiently recycle them.

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Preserving Earth's Biodiversity


  • Because for most people eyeglasses are a necessity, it's unrealistic to reduce the amount of them. However, there are eco-friendly alternative frames that can be advertised and used more frequently.


  • Reuse old frames whenever you replace your lens prescription, or check for local donations of frames that other people have used.


  • Once eyeglasses are no longer needed, the plastic frames can be recycled. Glass is also 100% recyclable, so as long as eyeglasses are disposed of properly, they won't be harmful to the environment.