FCS in Today's Classroom

Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Head, Heart & Soul

HEAD: knowledge

HEART: improving quality of life

SOUL: meaning & inspiration

What is FCS?

Family and Consumer Sciences Education focuses on equipping individuals with decision making, time management, money management, and communication skills to allow them to be productive members in todays ever changing society, helping them achieve their best quality of life.

Major Challenges Faced by Individuals and Families

FCS Class Options

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Family and Consumer Sciences Education: The NEW "Home Economics"

Pulled from a recent article: Bring Back Home Economics Education

"Many parents never learned how to cook and instead rely on restaurants, take-out food, frozen meals, and packaged food as basic fare. Many children seldom experience what a true home-cooked meal tastes like, much less see what goes into preparing it."

"Presently, many US schools provide information and guidance about tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy; they should do the same about one of the most fundamental of human acivities: eating."

In 1994 Home Economics name was changed to Family and Consumer Sciences Education or FCS. While the name change was huge so was the revamping of the program. FCS classes now provides a vast majority of learning opportunities through a variety of different class options.

Ms. Teaford

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher