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Updated April 16th

Google Classroom Link for Art and PE

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Go to classroom.google.com

Click + sign at the top right corner.

Art K-2 Code: awp52fl

Art 3-5 Code: a7sjurk

PE Code: jv3gddk

All 3-5 students are already set up in their Technology Google Classrooms.

ART and Library eLearning

Mixed -A Colorful Story

tech elearning

K-2 Tech Options

PE Google Classroom

music elearning

3rd.4th.5th Grade

Practice saying your musical alphabet from memory:


Watch this video reviewing the letter names of notes in the bass clef. We learned the saying Great Big Dogs Fight Always for the notes which have a line going through them. I the video they use a different saying. We learned All Cows Eat Grass for the notes which sit on one of the four spaces. You can make up your own saying as long as the words begin with the correct letter.


You May Also Choose Any Of The Following:

  • Spend some time in prayer
  • Read about Jesus and/or the Saints
  • Play a game (non-electronic)
  • Do something kind for a sibling
  • Help your parents or grandparents
  • Eat together as a family

Contact your teachers below

Mrs. Grogg - Art Teacher

Mrs. Eckert - Tech Teacher

Mrs. Brinker - PE Teacher

Mrs. Shumacker - Music Teacher