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A Message From Our Team

As we begin a new year and the holiday season is still fresh in our minds, we at HootaThon are taking time to look back on our successful year. In this reflection, we have been able to sum up our emotions as an organization: thankfulness. Without your support, we could not have raised the money that we did for the kids at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Because of your generous donation and other donations like yours, we raised an outstanding $280,620.76 For The Kids!

Your Impact

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What Does This Mean?

The $280,620.76 raised this year will be donated to the Child Life Department at CHOP. A department funded completely by donations and not covered by insurance, The Child Life Department, one of the first, largest and most comprehensive programs in the United States, promotes sensitive, family-centered healthcare for children and their families. Child Life provides necessary programs to every child that goes through the hospital. Programs range from music and pet therapy to tutoring and counseling services for both patients and their families. Your donation will help fund such an important aspect of every CHOP patient's care to ensure that every kid has the childhood they deserve!
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A Recap of Our Event

HootaThon Recap 2015

About HootaThon

HootaThon is Temple University's Miracle Network Dance Marathon benefiting the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Our year-long fundraising efforts culminate in a 12-hour Dance Marathon for the Child Life Department at CHOP.