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Where are all the books?

They are checked out! Materials circulation has hit an all time high for DTMP. In just one day (9/12/14), we circulated over 450 items.

2013-2014 Library Stats:

  • Circulation: 34.74% Increase
  • Limitless Libraries Usage: 2066 Items Sent
  • Top Titles Checked Out: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, Hunger Games, Dork Diaries Series, Cardboard, Sort-of-Difficult Origami, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

Thank you for promoting reading and allowing students to visit the library!

Limitless Libraries

Teachers Accounts:

Delivery of materials has begun for teachers. Directions on how to activate your account were sent in a previous e-mail. Please check your account and make sure that it works. If it does not, send me an e-mail. I will forward the information to LL. If you have any questions or need help activating your help, please reach out to me.

Student Accounts:

LL has now gone live! An announcement will be made when our school data (Code of Conduct Permission in Power Schools) has been uploaded to NPL. I know they are anxiously awaiting for this begin.

Information for Students

Please remind your homeroom students of the following:

  1. Students must have a permission and a note from their teachers to be in the library. (Teachers: Please state the purpose on the note, so I will know how long they may stay. Students love our new library and would stay all day!)
  2. The iPad sign-in stations are now up and running. They are required to sign-in for each visit.
  3. Three items may be checked out at one time. Only one of these items may be electronic (DVD or Play-Away).
  4. If any items are overdue, students will not be allowed to check out additional items until their accounts are cleared.
  5. Students should return their own items. It is best not to send materials with another student.

BNN School News

The studio is almost complete. Any 8th graders interested in being part of the news crew should stop by the library to see Mrs. Raines.

Students must complete the following:

  • Application including essay questions (Due Friday, September 19th)
  • Teacher References
  • Interview (TBA)
  • Audition (TBA)

BNN has a limited number of positions:

  • Anchor
  • Weather Reporter
  • Sports Reporter
  • Special Events (school video highlights, etc.)
  • Camera Technician
  • Lighting Technician

*During the second semester, 7th graders will be allowed to apply for an internship with the BNN crew. They will be required to complete the steps above.

When Will Students Get ID Badges?

Mr. Hayes and I are still in the process of taking pictures. We have completed all grade levels and now moving into make-up pictures. Printing has begun, but supplies are still needed and on their way.

Teacher badges will be issued first. All grade levels will receive badges on the same day...hopefully by this Friday. They will be given to the homeroom teacher. Please sort the badges on your team based on schedule changes.

Please do not send students (make ups/new students) for ID pictures. A plan will be shared soon on how this will take place.

Upcoming Events

  • Charging Lockers - Students may begin using these on 9/22/14. Directions will be posted near the locker area.
  • Library Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Wednesday, September 24th - Details coming soon!
  • Cyber Cafe Lunch will begin after fall break. Teachers will be sent a weekly grade level schedule.
  • Scholastic Book Fair - November 7th - 14th