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September 4, 2015

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Mrs. Turner's Daughter's Surgery was a Success!

Mrs. Turner's daughter, Bekah, came through surgery well! She is sleepy and sore, but fine! Thank you so much for the well wishes!


Kudos go to Brennan K. for being chosen by Mrs. Morris to present his "Golden Rule" Writing Piece on the Morning Announcements this coming Monday! We're so proud to have you representing us!

From Ms. Fenwick

Spelling: No spelling list or test this week!

Reading: We will be beginning our first novel study of the book The Sign of the Beaver! The students will continue to read their own individualized selections for their Genre Bingo Card. We will also be studying Wordly Wise Lesson 2 this week.

Writing: We will be focusing on "Vivid Verbs" this week through our Mentor Sentence we found in a book we read together, When Lightening Comes in a Jar by Patricia Pollaco. We will focus on building our writing stamina through several fun activities and begin writing a narrative.

From Mrs. Turner

Math: We will be beginning Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction this week!

SS: We'll wrap up geography/map skills on Wednesday and start Native Americans on Thursday. We're having an open notebook quiz on the geography items on September 8.

Science: We're working hard to understand the different processes in the Water Cycle! Test is September 15.

Don't Forget!

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