The Zaper!

It zaps you right up!


Are you tired of missing a movie, test, or concert because of your sleeping. Well you don't have to sleep anymore because we made a thing just for you! Introducing The Zaper!! It can come in a necklace, bracelet, friendship bracelet, ring, wedding ring, and earrings.
Here is some examples that you might like. Visit our website for more if you don't like these. The magic is in the bracelet once you start to fall asleep the sensor relies that you have fallen asleep then it zaps you and wakes you right up. There is a small button to change the Zapp that goes through your body.

Its only $35.95

You heard what others say about the Zaper, so why can you get one too. Doctors recemend it better for your body. If you don't like the Zaper you can get your money back.

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