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Lone Star Elementary News, April 2016

Lone Star Elementary

Catherine Bartlett, Ed.D. Principal

Melissa Freeman Assistant Principal

Kelly Lout Assistant Principal

Elisa Krug Counselor

Important Dates This Month

4/1 - Kindergarten Field Trip to the Oil Ranch
4/5 - Report Cards go Home
4/6 - Lone Star Leadership for 4th Grade
4/8 - First Grade Music Program, 9:00 am
4/12 - First Grade Field Trip to Montgomery County Fair
4/13 - Garden Day for 2nd Grade
4/15 - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
4/20 - Lone Star Leadership for 4th Grade
4/25 - Kindergarten Early Registration through 4/29
4/27 - Garden Day for 1st Grade
4/27 - Watch DOGS Appreciation at 7:50 a.m.
4/27 - **Coffee with the Counselor ("Girl Drama"), 9:30 a.m.
** Register Here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d44a9ab2ea2fb6-girl
4/28 - Volunteer Appreciation, 2:30 p.m.

Looking Ahead:
May 2-6 - Children's Book Week
May 2-6 - Staff Appreciation Week

Kindergarten Kiddos

Kindergarten will celebrate April 1st by “M-o-o-ving On” to the Oil Ranch in Hockley, Tx. for our annual field trip. The boys and girls had a fabulous time. They will ride a pony, milk a cow, ride a train, go on a hay ride and many other fun activities. Even the picnic lunch will be awesome. Thanks to all parents who help with this special event.

It is really hard to believe that we only have 9 weeks of Kindergarten left. The boys and girls have grown so much and are starting to look and perform like First Graders. However, we want to use our last few weeks together to learn all we can so that the students are prepared and ready to take on the challenges of a new grade.

We will continue to read and write daily using all the phonetic skills we have learned. We are learning to use expression when we read and to identify the important elements in a story. As we write we are focusing on correct sentence structure such as using a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, using spaces between the words, and using correct punctuation at the end of the sentence.

We will continue to solve problems using manipulatives. We will join and separate sets, use graphs, learn about coins, and review all the math concepts we have worked on throughout the year.

We become gardeners in April to learn about the life cycle of a seed, parts of a plant, and things plants need to grow. It is so cool to plant seeds and observe them as they grow. At the end of the month we will celebrate Earth Day by learning important ways to help the environment!

Fantastic Firsties

Spring has arrived and our firsties are really blooming. It is amazing to look back and see how much they have grown this year. This month will be full of fun events. Starting with our first grade program on April 8 at 9:00. Come a watch your firstie perform as present "The Inside Out." On April 12th, we will go on our field trip to the Montgomery County Fair. This will be our first trip to the fair, but it looks like it will be fun and educational. We want to say thank you in advance for all of those parents that have volunteered to be chaperones. This month we also get to continue learning about plants when we have Garden Day on April 27.

Our school days will be filled to the brim as we start reviewing all of the reading skills we have learned this year. We will retell what we read, find the main idea, make connections and so much more. Building fluent readers will be a focus this month. Having your child read each night will help increase their fluency. In math we will focus on problem solving. we will solve addition and subtraction story problems. Identifying coins and counting like coins will be a fun way to end our month.

April looks to be a busy month in first grade, but it will be full of fun and learning!

Superstar Second Graders

April is here! As we begin the fourth nine weeks we are looking forward to seeing our students soar.

In science we will be traveling through the water cycle and exploring objects in the sky. Math will teach us measurement and the important skill of telling time to the minute. Social Studies will look at supply and demand, trade and how choices affect our lives. Language Arts will focus on the language of poetry, literal and figurative meaning, as well as poetic structure.

We are well on the road to third grade!

Thrilling Third Grade

Third graders are shining their scientific spot light on Space. Your budding scientist completed their home projects on our solar system. These projects show their knowledge of our planets, our sun, asteroids, meteoroids, and constellations. We can’t wait to see what new frontiers will be explored!

In math, we will be learning about capacity and weight using real life experiences. Would you fill a swimming pool with cups of water or gallons…Would you weigh an elephant in ounces or tons?

Our readers are detectives! They are learning and applying strategies as they determine important information in text. They will use “clues” or evidence that isn’t explicitly written to support their thinking. Students should be reading every night to build their stamina!

Our citizens will continue to learn how communities depend on each other for goods and services and how the availability or scarcity of goods and services affects communities.

The countdown to STAAR has officially begun. We appreciate you sending your young learners well rested and ready to learn each day!

Fabulous Fourth

Spring is in the air! Take a walk outside and enjoy the geometry that is found in nature and our surroundings. Your child should be able to describe the lines, angles, and shapes that are all around us. Speaking of nature, your scientist is learning all about ecosystems and food webs. We will discuss how the food web keeps our ecosystems balanced. Slow and steady wins the race, our readers will be exploring fables and recognizing common themes across genres. Our personalities will shine through as we delve into creative writing prompts. We will also be learning the history of our state and why we "Don't Mess With Texas"!

C. A. M. P. (Computer - Art - Music - PE)


TexQuest and World Book Online - Need homework help? Have a research project? Looking for fun and educational games for you children? TexQuest and World Book Online can help you with all of these needs and much, much more! Students have access Kids Infobits, National Geographic Kids, Britannica Online and World Book Online at school as well as at home. You may access these excellent resources through the LSE Library Webpage under the Resources Tab. You will be asked to enter the ID and password included on the page. These are case sensitive. Please contact Mrs. Sample at tsample@misd.org if you have any questions.

This month in Biblio-Tech:

Kindergarten - We will continue to investigate animals using WorldBookOnline. We will learn how authors use descriptive words. We will use Paint to create a picture of the animal we investigated and write descriptive words about the animal.

First Grade – We will investigate animals using Britannica Online. We will use the app ZooKazam to make a movie and share the information we learned from our investigation.

Second Grade – We will use the app Chromville to create augmented reality pictures. We will use the app Write About to create a fantasy story about our augmented reality picture.

Third Grade – We will complete an investigation about the Forces of Nature and create a graphic novel using PowerPoint to share our findings.

Fourth Grade – We will create book trailers using the app Tellagami.


Spring is in the air with Monet in the Art Room! Everyone has been learning about the Impressionist artist, Claude Monet, while recreating some of his masterpieces.

Kindergarten - Painted with Liquid watercolors and coffee filters to create a 3D waterlily garden.

1st - Created the Japanese Bridge by using tape and Tempera Paints

2nd - Used oil pastels and Liquid watercolors to create either waterlily gardens or haystacks

3rd- Experimented with what happens when salt is put on top of liquid watercolors. Then they used soft pastels to recreate the Japanese Bridge

4th - Painted a beautiful garden Monet style using tempera paint, sponges, brushes and watercolors

Now we are getting ready to move into our next set of projects!

Kindergarten - We are working on Graduation Self Portraits… complete with purple oil pastel caps and gowns!

1st - Getting reading for our Music Program with Good Character Houses! Each class is using either cool or warm colors of tempera paint to paint their houses. They are adding windows with their picture in the corner and doors with their message of kindness to all those who read it.

2nd - Clay turtles! With radial designs on their shell!

3rd- Clay birds! Fun birds to hang up with crazy pipe cleaner tails!

4th - Clay cupcakes! Cute cupcake dishes with coiled frosting lids to hide little treasures!

Music Notes:

This month all students will learn about the composer, Sergei Prokofiev, who was born April 23, 1891 in Ukraine. He is well known for his skill at using music to tell a story. One of his most famous musical stories is Peter and the Wolf. A wonderful resource for learning about different composers can be found on the internet at www.classicsforkids.com. This website gives information about composers and some of their most famous music.

Kindergarten students have begun listening to and learning songs for their upcoming “graduation” on Friday, May 27th. They will receive a copy of the lyrics to practice their songs at home as well.

1st grade students are excited to share their music program on Friday, April 8, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in the LSE cafeteria. They are having a blast singing songs about different character qualities and can’t wait to perform them for you!

2nd grade students will be reviewing skills they learned before their program and will learn new rhythms and solfege. They are going to enjoy creating “thunderstorm” accompaniments with instruments and body percussion.

3rd grade students will be learning new rhythms (sixteenth notes and dotted half notes) and will practice performing the rhythms on rhythm instruments. They will also work together to create verses for a song to perform in class.

4th grade students have begun listening to and learning songs for their upcoming end of year celebration on Tuesday, May 31st. They will receive a copy of the lyrics to practice their songs at home as well.


Spring has arrived and we are enjoying the beautiful weather as we finish up our soccer unit with dribbling, trapping and passing skills.

Third and fourth graders are getting prepared for the Fitness Test. This is a state mandated physical fitness assessment that allows us to track the student's progress and encourage improvement. It's a fitness assessment tool that evaluates four different parts of health-related fitness, including aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

Looking ahead: Monday, May 16th and Tuesday, May 17th, PTA will be providing Jump Houses in the gym during all PE classes in order to kick off Field Day. Field Day will be Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th.

Nurse's Notes

We want to remind everyone to stay safe and healthy with more outdoor activities this spring. Please remember to stock up and apply sunscreen and mosquito repellent on your kids and selves. Also important is water safety in the warmer months. Life jackets on all children when out on the lake and only swimming in the pool with a grown up present. Helmets when riding bikes or 4 wheelers are also very important. We love for all our little Lone Star Bear Cubs to have a great fun without any ER trips!

Counselor's Corner

Our new character value is perseverance and our three promises are:

1. I might have to practice before I get good at something

2. Others may find some things easier to do

3. I will keep a good attitude and try again

When you see your child succeed at a task that was a challenge and required perseverance, ask, "how would things have been different if you'd given up?". Reflect with them and celebrate!

Persevering and Wishing you well,

Elisa Krug~Counselor

Lone Star Leadership

Each month, 2 fourth graders from each homeroom meet with Mrs. Krug, Mrs. Freeman, Ms. Lout, and Dr. Bartlett. We visit two times with the students to collaborate on campus concerns and brainstorm ideas. Thank you to our March Leaders: Alexia Gonzalez, Michael Nohl, Olivia Toland, Andrew Sheffield, Collin Davis, Sarah Powers, Ryan Ford, Erin Liles, Giovanni Castano, Ashlynn Kilgore, Lauren Leyva, Molly Joy, Lawson Mann, Caden Rowles Jurica, Hayden Hawrylak, Madison Wells, Sherri Rodriguez, Aspen Butaud, Audrey Hammons, Garrett Marshall, and Bella Battaglia! These students had a great time visiting with Mrs. Kirby, principal at Montgomery Intermediate School.

PTA Meeting

Wednesday, April 6th, 9am

16600 FM 2854 Rd

Montgomery, TX

Please join us in room 400 as we collaborate to help make Lone Star a great place for kids! PTA is an open forum meeting - all are welcome to attend, listen, ask questions, and vote.