Pacing to Promote!

You've got even MORE POWER being in this group!

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You are pretty darn fabulous already...

There is power in numbers….and this means you girls are going to have TRIPLE the fun! I am so excited that you are pumped up to be partnered up with some other fabulous Dazzling Gems who have similar goals in 2015. You want to promote to Senior/Star Stylist!

So think of this as "preseason". We know that Home Office will most likely be rolling out a "Promotion Program" in March or April - so this is a way to get a head start…..more than warmed up for that bigger and faster paced group. We'll work together for the next 6 - 8 weeks to get your personal business CONSISTENT and your booking and sponsoring skills STRONG. You'll be armed and dangerously sparkly when "gametime" begins!

Look at this gorgeous group!

This Week's Challenge...

Say Hello to each other on our FB Group and our Vox Group and….

1. Together choose a team name - we are going with a "super hero" there

2. Print out a quote that inspires you and put it in your workspace, or someplace where you'll see it every day- post a pic of it to our vox group or the FB page…

3. Come up with a list of 5 prospective hostesses & 5 potential stylists and warm them up this week. Share results on Sunday. (Need help coming up with a list - let's chat for 15 min to power prospect together!)

xo Missy

Look up at the stars…not down on your feet!