By: Rachel Archangel

Physical Geography

Political Map

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Physical Map

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5 Land / Water Features


Chile ia apart of the Mediterranean forest, woodlands and shrubs biome. Characterized with mediterranean climate, rainy winters and dry summers.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago. Chile is the capital of Chile.

Exact Location -33.4500° S, 70.6667° W

Relative Location-Chile is both the western and southern hemisphere, located on the western and southern coast of South America, Bordered by, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and by the Pacific Ocean.

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Cultural Geography

National Language

The national language of Chile is Spanish. Spanish is in the Indo-European Family.

Religions in Chile

The Majority of people who live in Chile are Roman Catholics. (89%)

(11%) Are Protestant or Evangelical

Protestant meaning catholic is a different context. They refers to churches and people who call them self christians but disagree with roman catholic church.

Evangelical meaning people who try to convert people to chirstianty mainly by public preaching.

Sporting Events in Chile


Chilean Rodeo is the national sport of chile. It is practiced in more rural areas. It is the second most popular sport after football. Has been Practiced for over more than 400 years. Every year the National Championship is held in Medialuna Monumental de Rancagua.
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Soccer is the most popular sport in Chile and is played at amateur and professional levels.Established in 1895. The team is referred to as La Roja (the red one). Appeared in 9 World Cup tournaments. Ranked in the top 25 strongest teams.
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Although Soccer is the most popular sport in chile, they are most successful in tennis.

Marcelo Rios was the first Latin American tennis player to be number 1 in the world in 1998.

Tres Leches Cake

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Traditional Clothing

Chilean clothing is very vivid and festive. Chilean clothing is based around comfort because the majority of people who live in chile have manual jobs. Modern Chilean Clothing has had some influence from traditional clothing because they portray pictures that represent the country, very bright and rare.

Traditional Housing in Chile

Look like huts called rukas. they are single doored, has no windows and the sleeping place is by the internal wall.

Political Geography

Political Model

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Economic Geography

Economic Sector

Economy is Chile ranked high-income economy and is considered one of the most stable nations. In Rostow's model, Chile would be in stage one because of its agriculture industry and manufacturing

Agricultural Geography

Agriculture Practiced

Agriculture like logging and fishing make up only 4.9% of the GDP. Some major produccts are grapes, apples, pears, onions beans wool, fish and timber.


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