Makeba Addy's resume


since i was in 1st grade i always wanted to lead it was one thing i will never give up 2nd - 5th grade if my teacher put us in groups i was that one kid that said and i quote "OK guys this is what we need to do'' i always wanted to help people and help solve problems and tell people what to do when they don't know what to do since i was a kid.
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public speaking

i have always love public speaking i love the felling you get when all the people are looking at you and listing and just paying attention. When i have to go up in front of a crowed people i will be ready in 5 seconds that is just how much i love public speaking.
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i am very social i love people i love talking and you can see how that goes. When i see people in the that need help or just want to talk to some one i am the person to come to i love kids i love my elders i just generally love people.
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