Analyzing Viola

Identity of Viola: Twelfth Night

In the play Twelfth Night Viola would identify her self as very outgoing, different, and is a think out side the box. She is very outgoing because she thinks of an idea that no one else would really think about in a problem. She is different because when she is Cesario she doesn't think and act like a guy. Lastly she is a think outside the box type of person because she needed money and decided to dress up a guy to become Orsino's servant and make money. In the play Viola states, " Do not extort thy reasons from this clause, for that I woo, thou therefore hast no cause, but rather reason thus with reason fetter. Love sought is good, but given unsought better" (iii.i.143-146). This shows that she does not like Olivia because she is a girl and Viola is actually a girl.

Gender of Viola: Twelfth Night

In the play Twelfth Night Viola experiences her gender role by either acting like a man or a women because she dresses up like a man but is a women. In order for her to keep her identity a secret she needs to hide her identity as a girl. Gender is very common in this play because not only is it about their gender it is about their class their in also. In the play, Viola states to the captain, "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of the intent. I'll serve this duke. Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him"(i.ii.49-52). This shows that Viola wants the captain to help her conceal her identity as a girl.

Perception of Viola: Twelfth Night

In the play Twelfth Night the characters view Viola very differently because she is two different people. When people see Viola they think of her as a regular girl, but when she is Cesario she seem very head strong about her choices and says things like a girl. In the Twelfth Night Orsino states, " Once more, Cesario, Get thee to yond same sovereign cruelty. Tell her love, more noble than the world, prizes not quantity of dirty lands; the parts that fortunate hath bestowed upon her, Tell her, I hold her giddily as fortune; but 'tis that miracle and queen of gems that nature pranks her attracts my soul" (ii.iv.77-83). This shows that Orsino just thinks that Cesario is one of his workers, but Viola actually like him.

Similarities and Differences: Twelfth Night

In the play Twelfth Night Viola's ship is wreaked and she needs a job, but she is a girl so she had an idea to dress as a man to become Duke Orsinos servant. When she becomes Orsinos servant he likes how she works and he really trusts her. Little does he know that Viola is actually dressed as a man. He sends a message to Olivia then she falls in love with Cesario and Cesario falls in love with Orsino. Even though a lot of thing happen in the play I am most like viola because I like being sneaky about things. I am different from Viola because I don't really express thing to people.
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Identity of Viola: She's The Man

In the movie She's The Man, Viola thinks of her self as courageous, head strong, and daring. All of these describe Viola because she had to dress up as a guy to get on the guys soccer team at her brothers school (She's the Man). She is also very tough because she had to deal with everything else and be her brother. Like she had to play soccer with guys and had to do regular thing in secret. She had to hide her identity to play on the soccer team to prove she was good enough to bet her school that cut the girls soccer team.

Gender of Viola: She's The Man

In the movie She's the Man, Viola has to hide her gender in order to play on the girls soccer team. Gender is a big part of Viola in the movie because if she were to let people know she is a girl she would not to be able to play on the guys soccer team. Towards the end of the movie Viola tells everyone she is a girl and that she loves Orsino (She's the Man). That would have been different if she told them she was a girl at first because they would have not let her play and probably would not have met Orsino or any of the guys on the soccer team.

Perception of Viola: She's The Man

In the movie She's the Man, Viola meets people and they all have a different perception of her. Sebastian (her brother) knows that she is a girl but thinks that she is staying with her mom during the last few weeks of school (She's the Man). Duke Orsino doesn't know that Viola is a girl because she is dressed as a man. Also in the movie how they think of Viola is very different, too. Sebastian think of Viola as his sister that just plays soccer all the time and is very shocked when he finds out Viola was playing on the guys soccer team at his high school. On the other hand Duke thought Viola was some weird guy that because of his voice and how he acted.

SImilarities and Differences: She's The Man

In the movie She's the Man, there are a lot of similar and different thinks about my self and Viola. Viola is very out going and very headstrong, me on the other hand I am not very outgoing and do not like to draw attention to myself in some occasions. Some similar things we have in common are that I am very athletic and have smart idea's. We have many other things in common.