Summer 6 Week Body Torch Challenge

Featuring Our Tabata Torch Class!

Want to Conquer That Saying; "It's An 80/20 Lifestyle"?

We have been so happy with the results of group classes, that we are excited to bring back a HIGHLY demanded summer class to thank you! We base our systems on maximum caloric burn in the shortest amount of time. You will build muscle, burn fat, and have a blast while you are doing it! All of our systems are scientifically and systematically designed to give an awesome fat burning experience, even 36-48 hours AFTER your workout!

Come try out all of our groups classes AND the return of the HIGHLY demanded summer favorite that begins July 5th ......!

Want A Taste of Tabata?! Well, Here's Your Chance! Tabata meets metabolic conditioning in our Summer Tabata Torch class, Active Quest Fitness style! .........

Oh YES, It Is Back!!

***** Summer's Sizzling Tabata Torch is finally here! *****

Kick your metabolism up with Three 6 minute rounds that progressively ramp up. You will definitely take it to another level with the additional 20/10 Tabata timing protocol …. Oh let's torch and burn, baby burn ….. calories that is!

Not only are we going to give you TABATA, but I also giving you access to the entire group fitness schedule! As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I must get to another point. Nutrition ....... is Huge! As we all live busy lifestyles, this information can be very VITAL and I encourage you, NOT to miss an exclusive BONUS for this important piece!

  1. Discover how to lose fat without losing muscle .
  2. Learn how energy you expend, comes directly from your fat stores.
  3. Find out how stepping out of your comfort zone brings results!


  1. A welcoming fitness family backing you up along the way...
  2. A month's worth of a group class membership + 2 additional weeks of group fitness classes FREE!
  3. Our EXCLUSIVE recipe book, Fitness Fuel For The Active to those registered by June 26th!

We Are Active Quest Fitness!