Prototype 935

Telling your story:

What is this project all about:

This project will advance technology as we know it for anyone from the age of a children to a businessman. These gloves can let you have access to any device of your choice and let you use that device wherever you are. All the devices you want to access are connected to this glove. Another feature of these gloves are that they are waterproof and has a keyboard that lets you type and navigate while using the gloves. These gloves have motion sensors that allow you to activate the device and use it. Image, having access to any device like your pc, laptop, or smart tv with these gloves.

Where it all started:

Our project had started last summer when we came up with the idea of having gloves that can access any device from anywhere. We as a group expanded on this idea and started to make this idea come true. We started a funding for this project to become true and we are asking for $895,000. As well, we are giving rewards to does who donate money to us. The more you donate, the better the reward will be as a gratitude for your help. With all your help we get we can finish our project in the beginning of next year.


Have u ever wonder of alternate portable and waterproof method to carry out daily technological necessities ? Our latest invention includes our latest technology glove that could be connected either with or without any devices near you and it even has its own wifi and Internet connection. Inside our latest technology glove it has several montion centers that enables the gloves movement function. In addition, there is a screen that is connected to this glove that enables the glove to helps visualize operations. Furthermore, throughout the glove it contains electrical components to enhance mobile technical activity.


  1. Applying for business loans: Basically we will tell the bank to lend us some money to start our project. Throughout the us of this way we could use these certain loans to help us pay off our salaries and wages until our company gets off the ground. Meaning until we at an investment I have made from other companies to keep our company going and functioning correctly.

  2. Buying new equipment: I would buy new tools for my company instead of old because if I were to buy old tools it wouldn't last as long as the new tools.

  3. Tapping into your savings: If I have enough money I wouldn't use it all on my company instead I will use it when my company is about to fall down. For example, I would set some of my money aside so that way I could help my company rise back up again.


prototype 935