Legal translation services

Why do you need Legal translation services

Traversing legal business is challenging enough and getting through the jargon of legal terminology is like learning a language itself. When you speak a different language, it’s near impossible. There are many shortcuts to translation services but as you’ll find out, this soon becomes a disappointment. Legal translations have to be handled by trained professionals both in the language of choice and in the legal industry as well. Here you will find several of the most crucial things to know.

  • Google is not a substitute: First, let’s start by saying that Google translate is flawed. It doesn’t always get things right. In fact, they never said they were made to take the place of proper legal translation services. Google and other online translation is only meant to help you to translate websites and information you are looking for online. But this is the limit. Programs alone, can never take the place of people. People are there to speak to, ask and query. You can’t query a program and know you’re getting the right answer every time. Your legal issues need to be taken seriously and any mistake can be costly.
  • Bi-lingual friends: Your Bi-lingual friends may know the language but if they aren’t a solicitor or in the right legal area of expertise, then, you are taking a big risk. Misinterpretations of someone who is not a sworn translator can be costly. Not only in a monetary way but in a legal way as well.
  • Magistrate Requirements: Courts may require you to have professional legal translations. The court may go as far as having a written document with specific requirements your translations services may need to have. This makes it less likely you’ll have an issue and won’t waste a lot of courtroom time stumbling over misinterpretations and do-overs which you may or may not get.
  • Avoiding Malpractice Issues: If you are the one that’s in charge of testifying in someone’s favour, any misinterpretation can affect the future; the finances or the freedom of the person you are giving testimony for. You can be sued yourself for malpractice and that is not a risk worth taking. It can mean your professional reputation. They are looking for testimony that is credible and having faulty testimony will lead them to believe the evidence is questionable.

Translation Services is serious business. If you have a shred of doubt as to whether you need professional legal translation then by all means contact HL TRAD at translation Services and they’ll answer all your necessary queries. They have been in the business long enough to have the experience and the capable staff.

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