Panther Updates

October 17th-21st

Week at a Glance

Monday 17th-

  • Get the Grade Cards Done Day! (Look for email from Renee, she received grade card updates at CDC about grade card changes)
  • PBiS Committee Meeting at 11am (Holt's Office)
  • Goal Team Meetings (Location and Time Determined by Goal Team) No share out as this is only the second meeting. The remainder of the day is for professional work.
  • 6:30pm- Community Feedback and Input about Facility Master Plan- Sunshine ELementary

Tuesday 18th-

  • Welcome to 2nd Quarter (Kids Return)

Wednesday 19th-

Thursday 20th-

  • PBL 5th Grade Exhibition 10am

Friday 21st-

  • Big Event
  • Naegele, Karr, and Greiner at training 9:30am-11:30am
  • PTA Fall Festival (Rescheduled)

Lexia Minutes- Reminder

  • Students get to sign the glass doors when they meet their weekly Lexia minute goal
  • Students get to sign the glass doors when they level up in Lexia
  • Do not send student alone, make sure they have a buddy

Conference Info- District

Per Administrative Practices and Policies-2016-2017

Conference Schedule (October 24 – November 7, 2016) It is the desire of the District and staff to strongly encourage all parents to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences. Each teacher should endeavor to conduct conferences at times which would be conducive for all parents (to include working parents). Staff should schedule parents for conference during their conference hours and before/after school planning times during the October 24 – November 7 Conference Window. November 7 is designated as a contract day (7 hours, 15 minutes) for Parent Teacher Conferences. The contract time of November 2 (7 hours, 15 minutes) may be used in a variety of schedules to meet the needs of the parents: (1) Be scheduled entirely on November 7, and ending no earlier than 7:30 p.m. (2) Be scheduled on November 7 (½ day) and one evening during Conference Week (the evening to end no earlier than 7:30 p.m.). (3) Be scheduled one evening during Conference Week (the evening to end no earlier than 7:30 p.m.) with the remainder of the contract time to be added to other evenings within the week. This option means that staff will not be required to work on November 7. Any deviation from the established dates in the Board adopted calendar will require that a waiver request be approved by the appropriate Executive Director of Learning.

Conference Info - What it means to Portland?!?!

We will be using option 3. This option means no staff member will be working on November 7th. We will have one late evening on November 1st until 7:30pm. Do not schedule any conferences after 7:15 on that evening.

3.5 hours of conferences must be scheduled outside of contract time (8:20-4:05) between the dates of Oct. 24th and November 4th. I will plan to stay each day until 5pm. If you need me to stay later for a conference please let me know.


We will open our donation stations for donations starting Oct. 10th-Oct.28th. the class that donates the most amount of food by weight will get to have a food fight with Mr. Holt (They will get to throw food at me).

PTA Fall Festival

Friday, Oct. 21st, 5-7pm

906 West Portland Street

Springfield, MO

Our PTA will be hosting a Fall Festival this autumn. They will be asking for staff support and ideas for stations.

PL/W Calendar for the Year

To access dates of our PL/W for the remainder of the year please access this document.

Rick's Ruminations

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Nurse Rachel's Notes

Ponder's Possibilities

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ChromeBook Checkout

If ChromeBooks do not come back (are forgotten) or come back uncharged the student may not take the ChromeBook home for one week.