Parent Peek at the Week

EXTRA EDITION - Week of April 19th, 2021

An Important Message.....

Given all the information coming your way, an extra edition of the Parent Peek at the Week seems to be necessary! Please read below for important information to help this week be as successful as possible!

Stay safe, stay kind, stay hopeful,


Monday - Pivot Day

As we pivot to remote learning after the April Break, we ask that you exercise patience on Monday, April 19, as our educators may require time to access their technology kits and get their remote learning classrooms up and running. This will be a Pivot Day where you can expect teachers to welcome students back to school in the morning and provide students and families with detailed instructions on what to expect as classrooms move to remote learning.

On Day 2, Tuesday, April 20, students and families can expect full remote learning classroom instruction similar to what you experienced in January 2021. This online learning for all grades will involve a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Students will spend part of each school day linked to their teacher live online, and complete the rest of their learning independently using resources posted online by teachers.

Please check in on Edsby as teachers will be posting all important information for you there.


Once again, like we did in January, we will be doing attendance twice daily. This will take place in the morning and the afternoon. If your child is ill or will be absent for some reason, please call in or use the attendance app, just like you would if we were still face-to-face.

We know that moving to online is VERY challenging for everyone. We'll be contacting families who are not attending starting Tuesday, to see how we can support you and your family. Please feel free to reach out to us as well - as we can problem solve and get through this together!

Morning Announcements

Once again, I'll provide morning announcements - starting on Tuesday morning. I'll post them daily to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Edsby. Feel free to email me photos of what you are doing at home, words of encouragement for others, etc. I'm happy to add in a bit of "personal" to our announcements whenever we can!

Technology Pick up

Here's a little background as to how you receive a Chromebook:

1. You fill in the Google Form, email or call the board office. This information was supplied through emails and online communication to families last week.

2. The information is collated at the Board office, where they prepare Chromebooks from a central stock.

3. On Monday before 12pm (we hope!), the Chromebooks are delivered to the school.

4. Before 12pm, I organize the Chromebooks and prepare them for pick up.

I know it seems to make sense that you would just send me a quick email and that I would give you a Chromebook - but as you can see, there are quite a few steps! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this process.

For families who have requested a Chromebook, you can pick it up from the school between 12pm and 3pm on Monday. Please come to the school parking lot. If another person is currently picking up, please wait at a distance until they have left. When there is a spot at the front door – please give your child’s name and the Chromebook will be brought out to the table outside the front door.

For families who are picking up SEA technology, you can pick it up from the school between 9am and 3pm. wait at a distance until they have left. When there is a spot at the front door – please give your child’s name and the technology backpack will be brought out to the table outside the front door.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs. Sampson's Excellent Learning Adventures!

While we are engaged in online learning, I'll continue to add to the collection on "Mrs. Sampson's Excellent Adventures" Google Classroom. This is a great place to come with your children if they are finished their work and want something more to do or if you are just looking for something fun to do together!

If your child would like to join the Google Classroom, here is the link: You'll need to ensure your child is logged in on Google with their KPR email in order to access this Google Classroom.

The class code is: MWLRBHT

Please stay safe!

As you are well aware, right now is a critical time in the fight against COVID-19. With the province announcing new restrictions to keep us safe, it is so important we all do our best to follow them. This is what will help us to all get back to school sooner than later! A little reminder of a few key areas:

The government is currently prohibiting all outdoor social gatherings and organized public events, except for with members of the same household or one other person from outside that household who lives alone or a caregiver for any member of the household. Please do not have your children meet up with friends at this time!

Currently all outdoor recreational amenities, such as golf courses, basketball courts and soccer fields are closed.

In the wise words of our Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosanna Salvaterra: “We need everyone, over these next two weeks, to stay home and avoid contact with others as much as possible."

One more thing....

Right now everything feels like a "big problem". Sometimes it's hard for kids to know the difference between what is big and what is small. Check out this excellent resource for more information!
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