Digital Citizenship

By Cassidy

Branding/ Reputation

  • What you say online
  • How you present yourself on line
  • Any inappropriate language says what you may say or act in person
  • Think before you post

Digital Footprint

  • What you leave behind on the internent
  • What you post or post pictures about
  • What you say to others
  • Anything negative affecting you, and you comment on it

"What not to do"

  • Post any inappropriate photos of you
  • Curse online
  • Cyber bully
  • Put down you boss or employees

Cyber bullying

  • Its mean and you could make someone harm them selfs that may cost them their life
  • Would you wont to be bullied? No you would not so why bully someone else?
  • It does not look good online so don't do that.
  • Even if someone bullied you doesn't mean you should bully someone else.


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