World Wildlife Fund

How does charity help?

This charity helps the wild and the nature. World Wildlife Fund will find a solution and stop animal cruelty to animals and try to stop extintion from endangered species. it also helps the nature if it gets wrecked.

How can people help this charity?

There are many ways you can help this charity. You can help by adopt an animal to keep for ever. Citizen can organize a fundraising event about endangered animals and collect money for WWF. You can also donate money to World Wildlife Fund. Join WWF and start helping nature.

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What is their latest project?

World Wildlife Fund's latest project is Reef relief in a sea of delay deferral. It means that there are too many ships and other things entering wrong areas in the Barrier Reef so we need to save the reef. Another project is stopping deforestation so the animals can live not die.

4 interesting facts about World Wildlife Fund

1) More than 50 years experience and more than 25 years of operation in Australia, WWF is the world's greatest and most respected independent organisation.

2) WWF started in 1961 and is active over 100 countries.

3)There are more than 5 million supporters on WWF.

4)WWF also engages with companies to raise critical funds for global conservation projects.

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