Third Grade Takes on Technology

How your child will benefit from BYOD this school year

Welcome Parents!

I am sure many of you have heard the great news; Settles Elementary has decided to incorporate technology into our third grade classrooms. We are going to participate in BYOD. This means that students will have the opportunity to bring their own devices to class where we will learn using technology. Studies have shown that the use of technology in the classroom can help education reach new heights and because of this we are so excited to incorporate it into our very own third grade classrooms! Read through this newsletters to see what this means for your student and the benefits that's in their future as a learner.

What does using technology in the classroom mean?

I'm sure many of you are wondering, "Couldn't students get distracted or just play games on their devices?". BYOD will be closely monitored and we will be using our devices strictly for learning. Students will be allowed to bring iPads, smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any other technological device. The use of technology in other classroom settings around the world has increased motivation and participation across the board. We feel that the same will happen for your student. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between a rise in self esteem and the achievement of technological activities in the classroom. We are going to download apps that will have study tools, review games, and many more activities that will help students to excel in the subject matter for this year in third grade.

Here is an article to help you understand some of the many benefits of BYOD education:

Below is a video about another third grade class that incorporated BYOD into their classroom

BYOD and Canvas in a Third Grade Classroom

Examples of what your student will be doing

This upcoming school year we have countless activities and lessons planned for your student using BYOD. We are going to use a reading program that will differentiate each child's reading level allowing them to work on their reading at their own level and own pace. We will also log onto itslearning daily so that students can answer questions in a discussion along with complete online projects. We will do review games and download study apps. These apps are free and will allow for students to create flashcards and study guides that they can share with one another and access at any time, at school or at home. Besides these activities, there are many more that will be so exciting for students to accomplish. Through out this school year we will keep all parents updated on what we are doing each week on our devices. Check your emails for a newsletter each week to keep you in the loop!

At home activities to get you and your student started!

Here are some at home activities that you and your child can play around with this summer in order to prepare you guys for the awesome and exciting BYOD school year ahead! These activities are completely optional; they are just here to give you some examples of what this next school year will entail.