Organic Molecules

by: Jarod .Hagerman


Elements found in carbohydrates C6, H12, O6

Subunits found in the carbohydrates monosaccharides (suger)

Function is a main source of energy for living things

1 Carbs play a critical role in the proper functioning of our immune systems

2 The carbohydrates we consume create glucose which in turn is the fuel that our bodies run on


Elements found in them - ( C, H, O )but manly ( C, H )

Subunits - fatty acid & glycerol

Function - long term energy storage cell membranes insulation


Elements found in proteins - ( C, H, O, N ) .

Subunits - Amino acids.

Function - storage, structure, signal, constriction, defense, enzyme, transport.

Nucleic acids

Elements found in Nucleic acids -( C, H, O, N, P )

Subunits - Nucleotides ,phosphate, suger, base

Function -our heredity information has info to help cell make proteins