Every Learner-Every Day. February 4, 2016

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Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity for all of us to honor the men and women of the past for their contributions and accomplishments that brought about change in our society. As educators, we should embrace this opportunity and celebrate with our students the rich traditions of African Americans. Students need to develop an understanding and appreciation for what experiences and dilemmas we each face as we all try to make a difference in our own culture.

Below is just one of many link that are available to educators that will provide you with several suggestions for activities you can use in your classroom.

Back History Resources

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

Making learning experiences Engaging, Relevant, and Personal cannot be possible with out building strong relationships with our students. We can all improve on making personal connections with our students by engaging in conversations with them each day. We are halfway through the 3rd quarter and this is great time to reflect and assess how many students do you know by name that are sitting in your classroom? We should never underestimate the power of our words and the impact we have on young people. We all have our own stories on how teachers have impacted our lives in a positive way. It is up to us to make a connection and provide all students with a positive memory.

The link below is an article that I think you find it worth your time to read.

Teachers Care


  1. 3 KHS Champions at the Republic Wrestling tournament on 1/16/16, Camden Schmitz, Christian Blevins, Marquise Jacoby-Davis.
  2. This is no secret, but Jami Jansen is a science ROCKSTAR! We can be very proud that our PLTW program is often cited as an exemplar!
  3. Teachers are rocking their growth plans!
  4. Awesome performance by our Bel Canto Female Chorus at the MMEA Conference!
  5. Boy's and Girl's BBall teams both are in the Top 5 in the state polls.
  6. Teachers are implementing Blended Learning and PBL in their classrooms.
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This Week on Twitter - Check out these sites

Top 10 Teacher Hashtags

1. #Edchat

I co-founded the award-winning hashtag, #Edchat, which is used daily by teachers worldwide to build a support network and find free resources. Every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, thousands of educators gather to share their opinions on a topic chosen through popular vote. Use #Edchat to find additional popular education hashtags to explore and to engage with other professionals at our weekly chat.

2. #EduMatch

Teacher Sarah Thomas created this hashtag to help educators around the globe connect with other teachers who share their interests and passions. She features different teachers’ Twitter handles and profiles in her “Person of the Day” segment, and encourages educators to send in projects they are working on to spread awareness through the network. #EduMatch also hosts Google Hangouts and chats throughout the week.

3. #Edreform

Educators and policy makers transforming the field of education use this hashtag to share information about their movements, ideas, and events. Use it to find many edubloggers who are passionate about improving education for all.

4. #FutureReady

This is a wonderful resource for teachers looking to explore EdTech opportunities. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology created this hashtag to share policies, resources, events, and freebies for educators who want to integrate technology effectively in their classrooms. We will share many more education technology-related hashtags in an upcoming post, The Best Hashtags for Teachers Integrating Technology.

5. #WhatIsSchool

Join this award-winning Twitter chat on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time and 11:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time. According to the founders, Laura Hill and Craig Kemp, the conversation aims to provide educators with a voice and forum to “re-imagine the future of education.”

6. #EduColor

One of the newest hashtags on this list, EduColor is represents a movement that seeks to spread awareness about equity and diversity in education by empowering public school advocates of color. This hashtag helps teachers learn how to celebrate diversity in the classroom and how to tackle tough issues like racism and stereotypes.

7. #30GoalsEdu

This is the hashtag for the project I founded, called The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers, that encourages educators to complete 1–30 goals to improve their teaching practice during the school year.. The hashtag offers a means to read about others’ accomplishments and struggles along the way. The network is very supportive and helpful to any to any educator seeking to improve her professional skills.

8. #K12

For teachers working in elementary, middle, and high schools, this is a great hashtag to connect with other educators. People post relevant articles, suggestions for technology and other resources, and information about professional development events.

9. #Learning

This hashtag enables teachers to get in touch with broader resources relevant to a more all-encompassing view of learning. Find inspirational quotes and ideas, fascinating media pieces, and helpful advice.

10. #Education

According to Hashtagify, #Education and #Learning are the most commonly used hashtags among educators. This is a great place to start your search on education resources that will likely lead you to discover new hashtags and connections to follow.

KHS Hashtags

1. #KickapooHighSchool

Daily announcements

2. #ChiefWasaka

Kickapoo Cabinet