Safe Online Talk

By: Meagan Watson and Cassie Lashley

Don't talk to stangers

  • They can steal your passwords.
  • They can steal your address
  • They can find out when your birthday is
  • They might try to meet up with you in person


You can't talk to people you don't no.They passed a law to make kids under 13 safe called COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.It has websites explain their privacy policy.It makes sure kids don't give out too much information on themselves to play a game.

Parents Concerns

  • There kids have access to online material
  • Contact from strangers
  • Online predators
  • Cyberbullying

Ways to keep your kids safe

  • Talk to your kids about being safe online
  • Watch how much time your kids spend online
  • Make rules at home that they can only spend a certain amount of time online

Stay safe

Make sure you stop talking to people online if they want want to meet up somewhere.Tell a parent if you have been talking to someone for awhile and they start harassing you.If you don't tell a parent and you go meet up with them you could be in serious danger.


The video below is about kids talking about their online life.Also talking about their past experiences online.
Safe Online Talk