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Look at all this awesome new stuff!


Thanks to an ELF grant, you and your students have access to thousands of ebooks through a website called Brainhive!

There are picture books, chapter books, all kinds of genres and lots of nonfiction! Students can search by topic, title or author and can create wish lists with books they plan to read. They can preview books and take AR quizzes right on Brainhive!

Teachers can create lists for their students to read and can use the books on the whiteboard or an iPad. We have shown students how to access Brainhive from the website and they have completed an interest survey about their reading habits. Every book they check out costs us $1.00, so students have promised not to take out a book unless they have time to read it. Enjoy!

Brainhive link


Titlewave is the online interface for our library book supplier, Follett. If you login, you can use it to search for available titles by author, subject, title, or even curriculum area. Follett has tagged its titles by a variety of helpful topics such as opinion, first person narrative, poetic devices, etc.

If you want to make a list, you are welcome to - and you may ask me to purchase any books that serve your needs in the classroom!

Titlewave Link


Edshelf can help you locate good technology just like Titlewave can help you find good books. It organizes applications by purpose, device, quality, and more. If you want to try something different, Edshelf can help you find it. You can create a login for Edshelf by signing in with Google.

Edshelf link

New Chromebooks!

Thanks to a PTO grant, we now have seventeen more Chromebooks - so here's the plan: We will fill each cart with 14 Chromebooks. You may reserve ONE cart and add the number of extra Chromebooks you require. We will no longer send TWO carts to any classroom. If you need a few Chromebooks, just reserve the number you need.