Natalia Elementary Teching Forward

January 17,2014

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Did you know 3.0?

Did You Know 3.0 (Officially updated for 2012) HD

SAMR model and Pad Wheel

S=Substitution, A=Augmentation, M=Modification, R= Redefinition

This is just ideas you can use in your classroom.

SAMR explained below:
In a substitution level, teachers or students are only using new technology tools to replace old ones, for instance, using Google Docs to replace Microsoft Word. the task ( writing) is the same but the tools are different.

Though it is a different level, but we are still in the substitution mentality but this time with added functionalities. Again using the example of Google docs, instead of only writing a document and having to manually save it and share it with others, Google Docs provides extra services like auto saving, auto syncing, and auto sharing in the cloud.

This is the level where technology is being used more effectively not to do the same task using different tools but to redesign new parts of the task and transform students learning. An example of this is using the commenting service in Google Docs, for instance, to collaborate and share feedback on a given task task.

If you are to place this level in Blooms revised taxonomy pyramid, it would probably correspond to synthesis and evaluation as being the highest order thinking skills. Redefinition means that students use technology to create imperceptibly new tasks. As is shown in the video below an example of redefinition is "when students connect to a classroom across the world where they would each write a narrative of the same historical event using the chat and comment section to discuss the differences, and they use the voice comments to discuss the differences they noticed and then embed this in the class website".


This is a texting site that is safe for use by teachers to text reminders.

We can see this in action. Please text @1314nata to 830-267-4663 to join my Natalia Teacher remind101

Free Marketplace has lots of resources to be used by anyone for free.

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Socrative - A different kind of assessment

This can be used in the computer lab or even sent home.

please log on to to take a quick quiz. Room number 545508

Credits,Citations, and Sources:

I can not take credit for all this information. I did create todays presentation but needed the following sources.



Felicia Williams for creating TCEA workshop site

TCEA for bringing it all to light.