the broadway musical

summary of a musical

Annie is about an orphaned girl under the care of a woman named Mrs. Hannigan, who treats her horribly. Annie wants to meet her real parents, and know

why they gave her up to the orphan house. She stumbles and falls but she will not give up!

5 facts about Annie

1.The music was by Charles Strouse.

2.The playwright was Thomas Meehan.

3.Anne the musical was first preformed August 10,1976.

4.the play takes place in 1930s new york

5.There was a sequel to Annie called Annie Warbucks in 1982.

Actors in the musical

Andrea McArdle as Annie

Reid Shelton as daddy Warbucks

Dorothy Loudon as Mrs.Hannagin

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Awards for Annie

1.Annie won a Tony award for best book of a musical.

2.Tony award for best musical

2 songs from Annie

1. Hard knock Life

2. Tommorow

3 interesting facts

1. Annie is based off of a comic strip

2. The film version was nominated for worst supporting actor

3. Jay Z made a song called Hard knock Life

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