Don't miss out on these GREAT events!

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Don't miss these great events!

Make plans now to attend these outstanding professional development opportunities! Note that some of these events are being held off the ESC 11 campus as to bring trainings closer to many of you. These trainings are open to all attendees - regardless of geographic location and/or education service center provider.

Please take a moment to:

1. Add these events to your calendar;

2. Start the requisition process for a purchase order (if required by your district) for the payment of registration fees; and

3. Forward this e-mail to your colleagues to help us spread the word!


Location: Online

Description: Final decisions regarding the Texas Education Agency's 2018 accountability system were released April 5, 2018. During this session, participants will review the criterion that will be used for determining campus and district college, career, and military readiness under the Agency's A-F accountability system.

Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net//session.asp?sess_Num=018863&Wksp_Num=011036

Fee: Free

Continuing professional education hours: 2

Monday, June 4, 9AM-3PM - The Counselor’s Role in Family, Educator, and Self Care

  • Location: North Central Texas College Flower Mound Campus, 1200 Parker Square,

    Flower Mound, TX 75028

  • Morning objectives, 9AM-11:30AM – Parent/Educator Relationships
  • A panel of elementary and secondary counselor experts will address:
  • ...Understanding and being accepting of cultural, economic, and religious differences among families.
  • ...Discovering different strategies for building partnerships with parents.
  • ...Discussing techniques to calm challenging situations
  • Afternoon objectives, 1PM-3PM – Counselor’s Self Care
  • Attendees will engage in learning that will allow them to:
  • ...Identify levels of stress in self and others
  • ...Identify individual “sparks” as the foundation for self-care
  • ...Create positive affirmations to promote mental wellness
  • Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?Wksp_Num=009874&sess_Num=016815
  • Fee: $25
  • Continuing professional education hours: 6

Monday, June 11 thru Monday, August 6 - Gifted and Talented Counselor Training

  • Location: Online
  • Description: In this e-course, participants will learn about the nature of gifted students, measures to identify gifted/talented students, and program options that meet their needs. Participants will also learn what Texas law requires for gifted students and best identification and program practices that follow. Participants will contribute ideas to the discussion board, share their own experiences, and research related information. The objectives will be met through Internet investigations, investigation of district information and practices, and threaded discussions.
  • Fee: $100
  • Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net/Session.asp?wksp_num=008318&sess_num=015678
  • Continuing professional education hours: 6


  • Location: Weatherford College Wise County Campus, 502 Big Sandy Court, Bridgeport, TX 76426
  • A proud partnership with Wise Health Systems.
  • Fee: $125
  • To register, e-mail madams1@wisehealthsystem.com.
  • E-mail mjoiner@esc11.net for more information.
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Monday, July 30, 9AM-4PM - DMAC Academy for Counselors, Administrators, and Campus Staff

  • Location: ESC Region 11, 1451 S. Cherry Ln., White Settlement, TX 76108
  • Description: Participants will learn how to utilize the pieces of DMAC specifically designed for administrators, counselors, testing coordinators, interventionists, and other campus or district staff members. Relevant reports will be highlighted along with some shortcuts to analyze, trend, and compare STAAR and TELPAS data along with how to generate reports related to accountability measures. We will also show you how to create and report on local assessments (aligned to STAAR, AP, or ELPS standards), develop campus and district plans, and other useful ways to utilize DMAC to its full potential. This training is provided at no cost for our ESC Region 11 DMAC contract districts.
  • Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net/Session.asp?wksp_num=009273&sess_num=015795
  • Fee: $25
  • Continuing professional education hours: 6

Wednesday, August 1, 9AM-3PM - Counselor’s Boot Camp

  • Location: ESC Region 11, 1451 S. Cherry Ln., White Settlement, TX 76108
  • Description: New and returning elementary and secondary counselors are invited to gather with us as we provide a daylong professional learning event. Designed for urban and rural counselors alike, research-based best practices in the following areas of focus will be facilitated:
  • ...Dual credit, college and postsecondary counseling and advising
  • ...Grief, crisis, conflict resolution, and trauma counseling
  • ...Guidance and character education lessons
  • ...Bullying, suicide, and teen dating violence prevention
  • ...Self-care and professional support for counselors
  • ...School safety
  • Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net/session.asp?Wksp_Num=009902&sess_Num=016932
  • Fee: $25
  • Continuing professional education hours: 6


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  • Location: ESC Region 11, 1451 S. Cherry Ln., White Settlement, TX 76108
  • Registration link: Forthcoming
  • E-mail mjoiner@esc11.net for more information

Wednesday, October 31, 9AM-3PM - Second Annual Counselor’s Summit

  • Location: ESC Region 11, 1451 S. Cherry Ln., White Settlement, TX 76108
  • Description: Join us as we collaborate for an exciting day of professional development activities designed to support elementary, secondary, and higher education counselors and their students. Multiple breakout sessions, ones focusing on higher education connections and student support, will be presented. Opportunities for networking and collaborating with colleagues will be incorporated.
  • Registration link: https://ontrac.esc11.net//session.asp?sess_Num=018926&Wksp_Num=011121
  • Fee: ESC 11 districts - FREE; All others - Log into your OnTrac account to see fees
  • Continuing professional education hours: 6

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