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New Hires

Please welcome:

Seena Silmi will serve as PE aide with Coach Morgan.

Lauren Bell will serve as our computer teacher.

Kate Kassen will serve as our technology specialist.

Welcome aboard!


When do I officially HAVE to return?

That depends. New teacher/ new to district begin with a lot of training and workshops on August 4th.

Returning FISD teachers contract starts August 18th.

Secretary on July 24th.

AP on July 31st.

Data Clerk on August 4th.

Counselor on August 12th.

Librarian on August 12th.

Receptionist on August 15th.

When can we get in the building?

As of right now it is still looking like the end of July. The cafe floor is not close to being done yet but that is the last area of construction to complete. However, the cafe acts like the delivery area for most items and it makes delivery of large items difficult when it isn't complete. Once the cafe is done, furniture will be delivered and set up, this can take some time when you think of the amount of furniture that is in the building. Once furniture is in, technology will be delivered and installed. At that point we can begin moving in.

My advice, enjoy your summer!

We will be in with plenty of time to get ready prior to the start of the school year.

When is the staff gathering on the campus?

As of right now we are scheduled for July 25th! Our wonderful PTA will also be there. It is a chance for kids to play on the playground and see the building. Of course any delays in construction could impact this date.

When do I have to put in my information for the grade level websites?

Now. Email Kayla Hicks with your information if you have not already?

When do we order t-shirts?

At the staff gathering.

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