· Use standard precautions (e.g. wear gloves) when handling soiled linen/washable items

· Follow manufacturer’s guideline regarding load size, water level and water temperature for washer

· Drop items into washer loosely and avoid overfilling washer tub

· Fill washer tub with water and add manufacturer recommended amount of any type of commercial laundry detergent

· Use hot water whenever possible for destruction of microorganisms, however if low temperature washing at 71-77 degrees Fahrenheit is used, consider addition of colorfast bleach to improve effectiveness.

· After loading soiled laundry into washer, wipe down lid/door, control panel and exterior top of washer with an EPA registered disinfectant cloth. Wear gloves when handling any disinfectant

· Remove clothes or items promptly from washer when cycle is completed. It is not recommended that damp linen or items be left in washers for extended periods of time or overnight

· Leave the washing machine open to air when not in use to allow the machine to dry completely and prevent the growth of microorganisms in wet, potentially warm environment.

· Place wet laundry in dryer and follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Remove laundry promptly and fold. Clean lint trap

· Wipe lid and door, control panel and top of the exterior of washer and dryer after removing laundry with an EPA registered disinfectant cloth (e.g. Sani-cloth)