Temperate Forest

Abby Pennington


  • Many trees shed their leaves in the winter and grow new ones in the spring.
  • Small plants dominate the forest floor.
  • They are located in the Eastern U.S., Asia, Europe, China, and Japan.

Abiotic Factors

  • It has all 4 seasons.
  • Temperatures average around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer.
  • It receives 30-60 inches of precipitation each year.
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Biotic Factors

  • Plant species includes ferns, mosses, wildflowers, and shrubs.
  • The types of Deciduous trees include the oak, maple, spruce, fir and pine trees.
  • Animal life includes salamanders, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and red foxes.


  • Deer grow short antlers so they can move freely through the underbrush.
  • Deciduous trees shed their leaves during the winter so new ones can grow in the Spring.
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Food Chain

primary producer-carpet moss

consumer- squirrel

secondary consumer- Eagle

third consumer- black bear

Importance and Human Impacts


  • Trees provide shelter for animals that humans eat.
  • Trees produce oxygen for humans.

Human Impact

  • Humans cut down trees for paper or building material.
  • Construction causes habitat loss.
  • Hunting


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