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This month, I had the absolute pleasure of earning and going on ARBONNE'S 35th Anniversary Incentive Trip. The trip was a 7 day Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the seas, which just happens to be the largest cruise ship in the world! Being that I had never cruised before I was nervous to say the least. The cruise took us to Nassau, Bahammas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten Islands. To say this was a trip of a lifetime is an understatement.

I share this, because when I initially started this journey, I got into it because I absolutely LOVED the products and I wanted to get them at a good cost. If I ended up making a little money on the way that was an added bonus! I never in a million years imagined that 4 years later my life would look like it does. Along the way on my journey I began to realize how incredible this life changing company and opportunity really was. I stopped worrying about what others thought and looked fear in the face and decided to go for it. Instead of thinking what if this doesn't work, I began thinking to myself, but what if it DOES?

This year has been filled with so many amazing things and I am so grateful and thankful for my family, team, clients and support system. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do because most of the times your dreams are on the other side of fear! Go out and go after them! It is WORTH IT!


October 29th at 7pm at the L'Hirondelle Club. Message me to save your seat!
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Shop our Holiday line early this year and utilize my one stop services. Whether it is for an individual, small business or significant other I can help to cross them off of your list. Its as simple as selecting your budget, number of gifts and the rest is up to me. I will even gift wrap them and deliver!

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Our BEST product is the AMAZING income Opportunity!

As always I truly believe that this business is LIFE CHANGING. 4 years ago when I embarked on this journey I had NO idea how much it would truly change the course of my life for the better. It is now my passion to pass on that torch and teach others how to truly live a life by design and to have both time and financial freedom!
The Arbonne Opportunity

Regional Vice President, Arbonne Independent Consultant