YR 9 Advertising Campaign

Ms Bedggood 2014 Term 1

What Is the task?

In groups, our task is to form a company, create a new product based on health products for men.

What do you have to do?

You have to make a advertising plan and an advertising presentation on your new product.

What you will you find in the advertising plan?

In the advertising plan you will find 3 persuasive devices, a company name, company logo and A script for an advertising presentation on the product

The 3 persuasive devices are:

1. "Join hundreds of men in the quest to reek of manliness" - this is a form of a "bandwagon".

Bandwagons imply that "everyone is doing it" (or at least, "all the cool people are doing it"). No one likes to be left out or left behind, and these ads urge us to "jump on the bandwagon.”

2. "Renegade cologne. For the man who wants to reek of masculinity" -this is a form of humour.

we use humour because it grabs your attention and it’s a powerful persuasion technique. When we laugh, we feel good. Advertisers make us laugh and then show us their product or logo because they’re trying to connect that good feeling to their product.

3. "Get Renegade and pull in chicks faster than imagined. You will be a chick magnet" -this is a form of a "simple solution".

Life is complicated. People are complex. Problems often have many causes, and they’re not easy to solve. This usually causes anxiety in our society. Persuaders offer relief by ignoring complexity and proposing a Simple solution. Advertisers take this strategy even further, suggesting that a health product, a car, or even a brand of beer will make you beautiful or popular or successful or even all of of them.

By Ashwin Mayilvahanan

Yr 9 Ms Bedggood 2014