Unit 1 Competency Task

Whats Inside Your Backpack

Where are Adidas backpacks made

Adidas backpacks are mainly made in China, India, and Vietnam. The backpacks contain Polyester, Cotton, and Aluminum.

Where is Polyester made and made of ?

Polyester is mainly produced in China and India. The raw materials needed are Coal, Air, Water, and Petroleum. Coal is mined mainly in China and United States. The Petroleum is found in Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Where is Cotton grown and where aluminum found ?

nutrimental, cultural. United States in 17 different states of southern America. Aluminum is found all over the world but mainly in China and Russia.

The 4 topics of Globalization Task #3

The four categories of Globalization are economic, technological, environmental, and cultural. Backpacks effected economical globalization because backpacks sell for every student before school starts so backpack companies will make economical growth fast over the years. Backpacks have effected Technological progress because they aren't trying to come up with better technology instead they do the same kind of design with advancements just different styles. Backpacks have effected environmental change because with all the gases being produced into the atmosphere and causing global warming. Backpacks would also effect cultural because the people did this back then at school are the same and its weird that people aren't trying to change the way they teach because everything else like cars and tool and the way of living has changed.

Task #4

Backpacks has effected environmental because its polluting the earth. and I think the solution would be to stop using polyester to make bags because the coal needed to produce polyester is polluting the earth.

Task #5

I chose backpacks because it was a simple project and has an impact on my life. Backpacks have an impacted on my life because I use one to hold all my stuff for school and my stuff for gym if I didn't have on I would be carrying all my books around in my hands.